Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can a diabetic eat hot dogs? Dont eat them all the time. Just every not and then?

I love sausage, but I'd like one from time to time. I'm not taking any medication just to watch my weight and avoid sugary foods. It's not a machine or something. All is well of course you can, but dogs are high in fat, and if you say you do not check the levels of sugar in the blood when fat is metabolized can later make sugar. Hot dogs also added nitrates that are related to the risk of cancer. So gourmet hot dogs without nitrates and should be good. Heinz ketchup syrup fructose corn for it, then try mustard instead and I think it will be fine. I like sausages too. Of course they are right. In addition to carbohydrates of bread, a large amount of salts such as nitrates and nitrites, protein and fat in processed meats. I lost 45 pounds eating things like hot dogs with mustard, pickles and onion, but without the bread! Sure! From time to time is good. As someone said, the fat in hot dog carbohydrates in bread and spices metabolized slower, so if you have a fatty meal Carby, you want to check your BG a few hours later, do something does not mean that if you are on insulin or a pump so if you can extend a portion of the bolus to be longer. Another option is to drop bread or just eat half the sandwich. I gradually reduced my food intake over the past few months and I rarely miss even buns and bread now - it's flesh and the things I like. I thought "protein style" of things and it works fine, although you need a knife and fork! You may very well eat what you want, in moderation, and the amounts of each type of food (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) in equilibrium. I just had a hot dog for lunch today. We are "Baseball Day" at work in honor of the Cardinals. You can check out the kosher hot dogs, although they cost slightly more. Like Hebrew National, because they know very well, and the treatment is very pure, of course, is fine in moderation, but it depends on your overall health. if you have complications, so it is recommended to reduce fat intake. machine control of blood can also be purchased in pharmacies and suggested me one.even purchase if it is in use for a couple of weeks you need to learn what the different foods in your body and see what foods to eat to keep your GT in the range of course! Hot dogs are not healthy, then I would have in moderation, but are 0 carbs. Have fun!.


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